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Everything is Mine

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Andrea D'Aquino

Marcello von Cauliflower Bonaparte Jackson is a kind, clever and very loyal dog. Unfortunately, there is one problem. He believes that absolutely everything is his. A slipper? It’s his. Pork chops from Leo’s dinner plate? It is absolutely his. An entire park? Oh that’s his, too.

Marcello (and his list of things that he owns) is out of control! Will Leo be able to remind him what is really important? Andrea D’Aquino’s lively, collaged illustrations and text help to show children that no matter how much stuff you have, it doesn’t mean anything without the people you love.

Andrea D’Aquino is an author, illustrator and designer based in New York City. She’s won multiple awards and has exhibited her work in San Francisco, New York, the University of Philadellphia as well as in Verona and Bologna, Italy.

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