• Ignore the Trolls

Ignore the Trolls

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Jordan Gershowitz, Sandhya Prabhat

In the majestic kingdom of Holly Hills lives Tim the Timid, a shy boy who has big dreams. He longs to join the jousting team so he can be one of the Knights, the coolest and most valiant kids at Ye Olde Elementary School.

When tryouts are announced, Tim’s friend Bethany the Brave offers him some advice: whatever Tim does, he must ignore the trolls. For it’s not all fairies and unicorns in Holly Hills.

The land is overrun with nasty, mocking creatures that love attacking the weaknesses in others with the help of their magic picture-takers, and flocks of vicious blue birds that tweet their cruelty across the kingdom. 

If you try to fight them, they only multiply.
But shutting out their empty taunts is easier said than done. Will Tim learn to just ignore the trolls, and ride to victory?

Children are interacting with social media at younger ages than ever before. Ignore the Trolls is funny fairytale with a serious message about the online bullies known as trolls, and how to deal with them.

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