• The Mellons Build An Eco House

The Mellons Build An Eco House

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The Mellons need to build a forever home that is lean, clean and green!
The Mellon family have outgrown their flat. It’s time to move, but none of the houses they look at are quite right, so they decide to build their own house. Masha is an architect. She designs a house that accommodates the Mellons’ needs, their budget, and most importantly, the environment. It is an eco-house.
The Mellons Build a House is a hugely enjoyable picturebook that takes the reader step-by-step through house design and build. Heat pumps, solar panels, insulation and rainwater harvesting are all clearly explained and brought to life in Nik Neves’s warm, inclusive illustrations. A timely and essential read for aspiring young architects and construction-enthusiasts.
Robin Jacobs is a children’s television and book writer. She is the author of Don’t Hug the Pug and Earth-Shattering Events. She is an active environmentalist and has recently completed an eco-build of her own outside of Bristol.
Nik Neves is a prize-winning Brazilian artist and illustrator living and working in Berlin. He has worked with clients including: Moet, Printemps, Vogue, Facebook, Brooklyn Industries, National Geographic and Lonely Planet.
Author: Robin Jacobs
Illustrator: Nik Neves
Publisher / Imprint: Cicada Books

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